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Re too busy wondering what the hell happened to Donna since she left the house yesterday to be quite honest. S still in New Orleans in that weird mansion you saw her in. S doing there and this is all very confusing for you in general. All of this is giving you a pounding headache so you try to find a place to sit down. Ve been having and he replies by asking you if you want his attention. Do you have a comfy chair over there by the bar. Re the girl here, you gotta do what you gotta do. You quickly leave and spend the rest of your afternoon wandering New York looking for a comfy chair. Ve spent the whole day checking social media sites and trying to contact Donna. Re sorry that things turned out the way they did and that you just sort of ran off like you had to. Re unsure of what to tell her now, but you end up just saying you love her and you need some.

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