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Your own relationship with her is a bit complicated, because in the beginning, you were more worried that you have been betrayed by a lover. You never thought that the person that you have been with for a long time might not be the same person you fell in love with in the first place. As to Novem, she also was more curious about you than you thought. Her curiousity grew further when you mentioned your last name. She seemed surprised and you immediately apologized for the statement that she was an American film director, producer and screenwriter. Youre very interesting and it seems a pity that it couldnt continue longer. I am so happy that I didnt discover it earlier. I know that you love me and the fact that you came here and confessed this to me means a lot to me as I feel like Im finally learning something that I didnt know. For the time being, youll stay with us, but later on youll leave for the USA. Because as Ive already told you, youre just a few years too old to be working in a brothel in the USA. Novem then gave you a smile and kissed you on the cheek, which caused you to feel a bit guilty about her situation. You knew Novem wanted to stay with her grandmother, but it wasnt a good idea to get in her way and it sounded like you were going to have to leave her too. You tried to talk things out with her, but she was really adamant about leaving, so you just gave up and resigned yourself to this decision. With the party over, everyone went back to the bedroom to rest a bit and then the three of you went onto the living room. So, it seems like we have some more or less the same set of rooms that we had before. Weve already got all of this stuff prepared so if something changes for the better or worse, we definitely will be ready for it. Well, there are actually a lot of changes in store for us.

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