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Visitors can, see and do, The Home of Human, Innovation, Come and see, visit, Wondertapmuseum, dass Mitmach-Museum, freesia-Science Shows.

The History Museum in The Science Museum in The History Museum. You may not have realized it, but you have been living the past. One day you wake up to a phone call. The police had been searching for you for days in the forest north of Rookhurst. They tell you that they believe your murder was committed by the Talons, a criminal organization based out of the town. They were led by a man named Zolak. Although Zolak was convicted, you doubt he will ever serve time. The authorities say, though, that they will find you killers. You have spent your life trying to avoid the law. You did it because it was your only way of survival, but now it seems like it may be time to re-assess your choice. You should go to the police with the information they have on Zolak, but what will it accomplish. You could try to go it alone, but who will you tell. S good for you, why are you still hiding. You do it aloneYou need to talk to someone. So, you go to the Rookhurst police station to tell your story.

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