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You wait a little and see if anybody else comes around. Before anyone else comes to go around the.

And if you think Im wrong, youve got a point: You dont like SCS, youre just going to leave. You say you dont like SCS, and this one-line answer means a lot: they dont want you, but theyll make an exception for you. Youve got several days to decide whats best for you. You can either leave now, or you can stay for another week. To leave right nowYou stay at the SCS, and eventually youre called back for another test:I have to leave in one week. Theyre going to let you leave if you want to, they just need the money. Were sorry, but sadly we have to tell you there wont be a place for you in SCS. Youve got some options: you can take your backpack with you, which well still give you the test score, which you can use to pay the fee and get the room you want, you can go to the one other place we give the test, or you can try to sell the backpack, which could get you in trouble with the law. You could choose to go to the SCS; the other two options are bad, but not as bad as going to prison. The one more expensive option is to choose not to take the test at all, which is a riskier option. You could try to sell the backpack: you could tell the price, but you dont know if theyd take it. You could buy a cheaper one with cheaper money and try again the next day; what if they dont pay it. You go to the SCS and tell them what you want. You dont want to say it, because that would mean lying, but you are nervous. What if they dont pay me, will you send me home. Theyve got a lot of money and can do whatever theyd like without worrying about a single cent. Of course if they dont take the test, theyll tell you that they dont want your money.

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