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Megalopolis is a Greek word meaning large city. In Greek a megapolis is a major metropolis, but the word is used in other contexts, such as in the modern sense of a large metropolitan area or a large metropolitan region, such as in the phrase megaregion. A megaregion is a large supercontinent encompassing several continents, and has been described as much larger than the Amazon rainforest and stretching about 1,800 miles long and 500 miles wide, including parts of land to the north, east, and south. The term megaregion is not unique to the world of geography: megaregions first became popular in the early 2000s, when the term was first used in the context of evolutionary biology. The term has since been applied to the same type of multicellular organization seen in biological diversity in general. Some scientists believe that megaregions play a major role in the origin of life. 1A map of the world was created in order to create a world map for the Megalopolis project. However, it is not considered to be an accurate depiction of where the cities of the supercontinent would be located. The best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside is on horseback or a mounted companion. As a cavalier, you are a leading member of the Order of St. Dumas whose duty it is to keep order and protect the populace. You have been chosen to ride a steed in the Orders expeditionary force to the far north, the region of the Zalan Empire, and as such will be able to set up your headquarters in the most advantageous position. You set up your headquarters in the Zalan capital of Zalan. Rahm, or Dragon, and you are to set up your headquarters in the Zalan capital of Zalan. The Zalan Empire is the biggest and most powerful empire in the continent and as such has many natural advantages over its neighbors. The Empire is also protected by an extensive military force, and you will benefit greatly from your superior fighting skills in such a force. However, the Zalan government has been having problems in recent years, and recent attacks have cost it more territory than it has been able to hold. The problems are blamed on a band of marauding raiders known as the Darksaber bandits. You want to do something about this threat, but you also need to find a good place to set up your headquarters first. You are instructed by Brother Gray to set up a scout party in the Zalan wilderness known as the Svanir Wilderness. You are to contact Brother Gray back at Fort Glory to gather the information you need on the situation.

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