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T really a problem since he was in the middle of nowhere anyways. After his time in the park, he took a look at the rest of the place. He saw some buildings, but he also saw a gas station and a Holiday Inn Express. S already early, but the bus actually leaves for Moscow late tomorrow. S faster and had much less stops compared to the bus. He figured it might get busier after that, so he planned on buying a ticket to Moscow and taking the metro to the station. S a very convenient way to travel from his current location, so he figured he should use it. However, in his excitement of having found a suitable place to stay, he still failed to realize that there was only one place like that in the vicinity. You take the train to MoscowYou figured as long as the trains were going to be running, you could probably just grab a ticket for the Moscow station. You bought your ticket and took your seat in the coach which was already full. T wait to show you our little place. We have everything you could possibly want. I mean you and your family can have a home of your very own. T have any problems with the other passengers either. S face, which was a little disheveled when she saw you. S not acceptable to get one in the next row over. You see her reach over to open the side pocket and then she throws the bag to the seat behind you.

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