Rush Limbaugh: School reopening debate shows most policymakers 'have immunity' from their decisions

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The problem with the decisions by some localities to keep schools closed to in-person instruction this fall, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Wednesday, is that the people responsible for making the final call are typically the least affected by their choices.

"We can't sit here and let a bunch of people who will never be negatively impacted by this tell the rest of us what to do," the "Rush Limbaugh Show" host said. "With all due respect, the medical community, people, the doctors, [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and [Dr. Deborah] Birx, they may be brilliant at what they do, but they should not be the people telling us whether schools will open or not. It's not their level or area of expertise.

"What do they know about it? What do they even care about it, beyond what they think the impact would be on public health?" Limbaugh asked rhetorically. "And they're just a couple examples."

The host added that in addition to school reopenings, many officials who have decided to impose restrictions on the larger economy "are not going to be affected by the policy they impose on us.

"You can't have that," Limbaugh said. "You cannot have people who have immunity from the policy, making the policy. You just can't do it. Then what you're going to have [is] a lot of people who literally have no ability to relate to the everyday problems this virus creates."


He added that "one of the big, big problems with liberalism is that they never, ever suffer the consequences of their own policies.

"They're immune," Limbaugh concluded. "By definition, liberal, socialist, Communist leaders don't want any part of what they demand their populations put up with."

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