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This ones a bit more obscure, but it does have some good points. There is no reason why you should not be able to run your Steam games from another computer that has the exact same hardware as your main one. It wouldnt be a replacement of your main computer and its still better than the alternative which would be a physical install. With a few tweaks to your Windows installation you can have a secondary computer that will act as a Steam machine that also acts as your new main computer. The Reddit section of the game doesnt cover much of the other aspects of the game because its all just the action and combat, but you can see a few other threads with comments, one of them is more along these lines. This isnt really a new topic, this thread on the Steam forums mentions the same thing, but its more in the details of how mods can be added in and the process. The question that stands before us is: do Steam Machines have this added feature. You can check out the discussion threads to see if the topic is covered there or not. Will the Steam Machines you own include SteamOS. Will there be any additional software to run on them beyond Steam. On a leading human rights activist in the United Arab Emirates. The report details the role of a leading UAE human rights activist, Mohammed al-Kaabi. In 2002, he was arrested in Abu Dhabi as he arrived at the airport, allegedly for questioning about alleged involvement in a bomb plot. MOHAMMED AL-KABI: translated I have been detained for the past five days in the Abu Dhabi Police Station, which has been raided and is now being used for other purposes. I was arrested in October 2002 for questioning about a supposed bomb plot against the United Arab Emirates. The charges I faced were planning to explode two bombs outside the Abu Dhabi residence of the Emir and the emir of Qatar. AMY GOODMAN: Al-Kaabi was released after questioning. However, in 2003, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on terrorism charges. He was convicted of running a clandestine political organization and providing material support for the Iraqi resistance. Human Rights Watch called the conviction an egregious violation of his rights and an assault on free expression, since the charges were based on secret evidence obtained by physical and electronic torture.

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