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I guess the writer was trying to sound hip or something. There really isnt much here for you to think about. If anything, this is the same kind of thing that you would have found in any of the others short stories you read in that little magazine you read while you were in Junior High. You might as well be reading the work of a 15 year-old. You continueI suppose you had to give up on some things as you got older, but the first thing you will never give up on is your own opinion on a topic. You are sure that this will only offend some people, but what you will learn in time is that you cant please everyone. This story will probably get a lower rating because it isnt a typical love story. It tells you there is a dark side to the world and it could be you in a different form or something more. This will probably get a higher rating because you are having fun reading it. It definitely didnt make you want to throw your bookcase, and it got your attention. You may have read some depressing things in some depressing places, but you didnt ever expect something as silly as this to help you in such a way. Youll think of something to say after reading this for a while. You might have been reading this for a while, but you still have not found anything new to say. Youre still not sure if youre enjoying it or youre just reading it for the challenge of trying to find something to say to the people reading it. Regardless, when youve gotten bored of looking for a subject to say something, you will end it all and stop reading this story for good. You dont want to believe it, but youre starting to doubt yourself a little bit. When you were still thinking about it, you told yourself that you were fine with it. After coming home from Junior High, you went into Junior High and had a good time. You got to go out into the real world without the supervision of your parents or someone elses judgment. You didnt need to live your life as a normal teen anymore. You became bored with the same routine every day. You couldnt wait for the day when you could do whatever you wanted. When you were in High School, you didnt want to do your school work, you.

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