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You write down which one of those profiles you remember was his. T help but think about the fact that you could be in love with him. You turn off your phone and take a couple of deep breathes and head to your car. T want to deal with any of that right now. You just never wanted to deal with all this again. You say softly and then let Bobby in the car. You then pull out of your driveway. S not going to change now, even if you were older. You always did take after your dad. You drive out of the driveway and a little later you get to your place. S still the same intense guy you knew back then, but you could see he was getting more comfortable with the world. When you get to your house, you knock on the door and look both ways, but nobody is around. Bobby tells you to wait outside and after you do so, he goes back inside. I mean you never even bothered to talk to me about it when you first mentioned being on your phone all the time.

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