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And while the two are linkedfor the short-term there, theres always, the long-term: thats but,if. You head back to your car, which is parked nearby. You head back to your carYou walk back to your car, as you try to mentally prepare yourself for whats to come. You walk up to the car and as you open the door, the last thing you see is your mother standing at the door with a shotgun in her hands. You dont know which is which at this point. You say Dads deadYou slowly step back, as you slowly say Dads dead. Your mother shoots the shotgun blast to your fathers head, as she stares at you in shock. You look at your mother, as her eyes look at you in shock. You leave the carYou begin to walk away from your car. Something is wrong, but its too late to do anything about it. You try to run, but are stopped by the police. Youre dragged into the police car and put into a police vehicle, as youre driven somewhere a different way than how your parents wanted you to go. You die, in an abandoned building that you cant escape from. You can hear screams, as youre dragged into somewhere else. You lie on the floor of an abandoned warehouse, a man in a business suit with a clipboard enters the room. You watch as he searches your body quickly. Ill explain everything when you start hearing my voice. Youre unable to speak, but you have the opportunity to try.

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