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You begin to read over the rest of the document. S quite detailed, but you remember that you need to concentrate on the most important part of it which is on the part that pertains to you. You begin to study the document as best you can as you head outside. Re in a place where you can think straight. You have a clear mind now which is nice. T know how you managed to hold your own in this crazy, confusing, life even before you lost your mind. You walk down your street, which is now empty. The streets are not blocked and you can breathe normally. You feel a different sort of confidence now. You can think clearly and act in a certain way now. T any signs of police or other security. T been here long when you see a dark building a little ways down the street. Re almost to it when you hear a car back out in front of you. You shriek and begin to run out of the street and down the sidewalk to your destination. The building is the same one that was damaged a while back and boarded up. You walk down the dark hallway, which is now empty. S a security camera that follows you everywhere. Re going to wake up here tomorrow wondering what the hell you were thinking. You say and quickly put a chair against the wall and just shut the door.

Article about Rights and freedoms