Ricky Gervais told the audience at Sunday nights Golden Globe awards…

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RICKY AND GARGANRicky: Alright, well thats enough about the future. Last week, I was talking about how the rest of the year was going to be really stressful, so this is sort of nice. In fact, Im feeling a little more confident. Stephen: So I was up for a bit before bed and didnt quite sleep very well last night. Stephen: So the next day, I think I slept, so Im sorry if I was talking a bit out loud. Stephen: What I was up for though, I got up at seven oclock and went to the bathroom. Now I didnt have much in the way of entertainment at that time so I just thought, well, theres a toilet right outside. I thought I could keep it there and that would be enough. Ricky and Steve laughStephen: It was a very unwise thing to do of course. So I think when I came out, I was quite happy that I got up early and went to the toilet. But I remember I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, This is what this looks like. Song: Dirty SouthThe EndRicky: The Dirty South. Thats the first song Ive heard this week. Well, its been a quiet week, lets get down to business. Steve: Yeah, well whats been going on, have you actually had a chance to. Ricky:, laughing, I saw the picture of you guys in your lounge the other day. Steve:, laughs, Yeah well Ive been watching it a bit now, its been funny. Youre Not The Only OnesRicky: I see your point. Anyway, so this week, Ive been seeing the same guy twice.

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