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Gervais seems to have moved on to a more highbrow style, and even gervais seems surprised to hear that Ricky is the same. The two hosts have changed too, and even more so than before. Youre wondering if you shouldnt just get the fuck out of here. You continue to stayIts the only way for you to avoid getting raped and killed and you dont have a choice. After about an hour, the party starts to wind down and you finally get a little bored and lonely. You head back to your room to take a break. Once youre in bed, you pass out for about 3 hours before you feel the slightest bit of hunger. You start poking around your room for food and anything that might be edible. At first, you dont even notice youre doing that, because its like youve been doing it for the past ten years. You start trying to look for snacks and things to eat and then eventually, you start searching for anything edible in the garbage. By the time youve cleaned every inch of your room, its almost dark and the last thing you notice is a woman in a nightgown and bathrobe walking by the room. You awaken to the sound of a lady in whites voice. You feel a little strange about the question, but you remember the story the lady told you. You tell her You say I dont know. Then again, I must say, it doesnt surprise me. You say Im here to get me and my wife to safety. Ah, well you must be desperate, but Im afraid my home is not safe and Im afraid it wont be for a few days and for me, Im sorry, but I cant help you, unless youre willing to take a much greater risk. Well I suppose Ill try my best. Ah, I see, but thats not the whole truth. There is still the matter of you trying to steal my husbands ring that he gave to me when we first started our journey here. Youre completely speechless, but before you can speak, the lady approaches you.

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