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Your mind is confused, which is probably why you feel this way. Youve been in a bit of a daze ever since the night that you were attacked. Youve had a hard time getting yourself to do what you need to do or think, youre getting the impression that youre not quite yourself. You know its not the demons themselves, though, its you. You can remember seeing this same girl in the past, before this happened. She was about your age, and you know she was a little more outgoing, probably had friends. You cant quite put your finger on why shes become this way, or who she used to be. This is a new development to you, you were sure as hell not going to be thinking about yourself in this way. You havent ever been so introspective in your entire life. This isnt a good feeling; you dont like it at all. It makes you feel like youre a failure and has led you to feel down about yourself even more. You sit down on the ground and try to shake this feeling, but its like the demon has found a way of taking you over. Its like youre going to lose everything, whether your sister is still living or still waiting to find you. You turn your head slowly to the sky and see that the sun will stay out for a long time, and you cant believe it. You know that if the sun sets, the moon will soon follow, and then youll be stuck in this gray world of despair and your sister will be left out at the end of all your hopes. You wish that the demon didnt come to possess you, but then youre still wondering why it wants to possess you. The last you knew of it, it was just out there to kill you like it does everyone else, but youre kind of wondering if youre already dead anyway. The sky doesnt even look like its going to fall anymore, but you know that if it does, then your sister is going to find out soon enough. A few hours pass and the clouds are starting to part.

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