Restore the crispiness of ‘limp lettuce’ within seconds with key ingredient

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Prolonging the shelf life of produce has never felt more urgent in light of the rising costs of living across the country, but help is at hand.

The internet is flooded with handy food storage hacks offering all sorts of approaches to preventing the spoilage of produce like salads and fruits.

Lettuce leaves have garnered significant interest given food needs little time to start wilting. Fortunately, experts know ways to help restore moisture levels in the leaves within seconds.

According to several users across the internet, submerging the drooping leaves in ice-cold water may be the answer to reversing the wilting process.

Eat My Science offers a helpful explanation of the processes at play: “The water will plump up the plant cells and make the greens rigid and crisp again.”

According to the website, the reason cold water is best for the hack is a little more complicated.

“The short version is cold water is more dense, meaning the water molecules are closer together. […] water molecules that are closer together form a higher concentration so more water will move into the cells faster,” note the experts.

The technique of adding sugar to the water has also been known for restoring various species of plants, and here’s why.

The method draws on the biological mechanisms at play in photosynthesis, where plants use energy and water to produce sugars and starches.

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The Spruce explains: “The idea of feeding a plant sugar water is based on the assumption that sugar provides additional carbohydrates that the plant takes up with its roots.

“The theory is that the sugar boosts plant growth.”

To further the longevity of produce, some internet users advise taking precautionary measures against wilting as soon as lettuce comes home from the supermarket.

One such user is @zerowastestore, who recently shared a TikTok post captioned: “Try this hack to keep your lettuce fresh for up to a month.”

They said: “Want to keep your lettuce fresh for up to a month? Wash the leaves thoroughly then dry the leaves with a towel. Once the lettuce leaves are dry you can chop them up and place them in a mason jar.”

In the final stage, the user wets clean cloth and places them in the mason jar before closing the recipient and placing it in the fridge.

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