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A source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed. Resources the collective wealth of a country, or its means of producing wealth. The last sentence, you take a moment to add you think we cant always depend on these sorts of things. Still, you have to admit, that was a pretty clever and descriptive statement. The next one though you were just about to hit CTRL C but decided to look for a different option. Duty You actually have a pretty good idea of how you feel about this. But you cant help but feel like you should be feeling a lot worse right now. But still, you didnt exactly go into this with the best of intentions. You can only hope this assignment leads to you not being assigned elsewhere if possible. You take the assignmentYou didnt even like your previous assignment. You didnt wish this assignment to end poorly. Besides, what is the point of leaving if youre not going to be around to help. If there was any way you could try to not be assigned anywhere else, youd figure it could be worth a go. You decide you need to get out of this place as quickly as possible. You quickly look through the list and decide which ones you want to have in mind. There are twenty options, but you only have about five left. The ones you think would be easiest to handle, with how you feel about them. You quickly hit CTRL F and look through the other ones. This whole time, you thought you did bad things in the past. But you still feel like you have to do all of them and youre a little depressed about all of this, especially now. You think about your feelings towards each one. You also think about the reasons why youre here. It doesnt take much time for you to come up with a list of motivations. The list gives you a bit of a second to mentally analyze which one you think is the most useful. You also take a moment to list out all the other motivations for each one, which you know you wont need, but youre sure it will help you decide which one of these to do. As youre preparing to do whatever it is you need to do, you think back to this place and how you feel. It always seemed like it would be one of your happiest times ever as a kid.

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