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Post Extras:Hm, thought you people were always posting in the SA forums. Guess we have a lot of overlap, lolYes, you can bump my old threads, but you cant new ones on top of that. You can comment, but you cant delete. Post Extras:Thanks man, I was trying to figure out how to grow shit for my first grow when I came across a thread about growing rye berries. I will probably buy some now that rye berries are on sale. Anybody ever grow rye berries before. What type of inoculation method do you used. Im not too familiar with rye because my last time with rye was the first time I ever had it in any form other than spits. Post Extras:I only grow a couple varieties of rye berries and have never had problems with contamination. I dont think that type of inoculation would have worked anyway. I did use another type of inoculation like I said, I just use what is in the bag by mistake and use what is in the bag right after, instead of trying to soak the rye berries in water for 12 hours to sterilize them first. Post Extras:I grew rye for the first time, just for me and it turned out well. My last few times I started out with rye berries, but it turns out when I started doing it for me, I didnt need as much, so I was able to cut back on those for some reason. Theres a fine line between creativity and insanity, but thats the difference between genius and a lobotomy. Now some stories are all shit and some are great and some are perfect. But whatever they are theyre all stories. The rest are just shit that got shoved down your throatPost Extras:This is fantastic. Yes, you can bump my old threads, but you cant new ones on top of that. I put the rye in a jar for 12 hours then just put it in a bucket of water and left it for 12 hours, that way the water can kill any worms or anything in the water, but not any bacteria.

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