Rep. Donalds torches Pelosi maskless California fundraiser: She thinks she's different than you

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Rep. Donalds: Wealthy Democrats ‘live in land of hypocrisy’ while Americans suffer

Florida Republican rips liberal leaders for partying while ramping up COVID rules on ‘Fox News Primetime’

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., on Monday took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for hosting a maskless fundraiser while her constituents are still bound to COVID-19 regulations. 

“This is the land of hypocrisy,” Donalds told “Fox News Primetime” guest host Jesse Watters. “These people live a different way. They are hypocrites. They do not like to live under the standards that they want to put on you.”

“They make all their rules for the American people but they don’t follow them,” he continued. “They tell the poor of America what needs to be done but they don’t actually do it themselves. So they love having crystal on a table and getting jumbo lump crab and all that good stuff without masks but when it comes to the American people, like let’s say in the city of New York, they are not allowed to go in a restaurant if they don’t present their vaccine card,” he said.

Pelosi was seen addressing a group of maskless Democratic donors at an outdoor fundraising event over the weekend. Video and tweets of the event show a fully masked wait staff attending to unmasked guests who were seated together in close quarters.

“This is why they have no credibility,” Donalds said. “And that’s why the American people are over it. They are done and finished. They just want to live their lives like the way basically Nancy Pelosi is living hers.”

Donalds also took aim at Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., for a widely-mocked video of him dancing with late-night host Stephen Colbert at a New York City concert on Saturday.

“Schumer’s dance is just as embarrassing the way Joe Biden has handled Afghanistan – something nobody ever wants to see and should never be repeated,” Donalds quipped. 

“Let’s be clear. Democrats love to just live it up and do all these things while the American people suffer. Our border is wide open. Spending is a mess. Inflation is on the rise. The purchasing power of poor Americans has been obliterated we have more than 10,000 Americans locked behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, and these people want to party,” he said. 

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