Rep. Buck says feds should stay out of local school board disputes: 'Political speech must be protected'

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Rep. Buck: Federal government should stay out of school board disputes

Congressman Ken Buck says that the ongoing issues with school boards being investigated by the FBI are issues of political speech that must be protected.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., criticized the federal government for getting involved with recent disputes during school board meetings. The National School Board Association asked the Biden administration for help as an increasing number of conservative parents are speaking out against mask requirements, saying some parents’ actions “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” On “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Buck said the FBI should not get involved and allow local authorities to handle threats or disputes.


REP. KEN BUCK: Attorney General Garland was a judge, and he should know better than to try to use the FBI for political speech. so many of the courtrooms that we go into, we see this Greek goddess of Themis who had a scale on her left hand and the sword and a right hand, and she’s blindfolded. She’s blindfolded because justice is blind. Justice is impartial – doesn’t care whether you’re white or black, man or woman, tall or short. Justice should not be used to attack a group of people expressing their opinions at school board meetings, whether they’re in favor of critical race theory or whether they’re opposed to critical race theory. Whether they’re in favor of masks or vaccines or opposed. That’s political speech that needs to be protected.

When you nationalize the effort to go after people based on political speech, when you determine that one size fits all – that the FBI should be looking into these isolated incidents. This isn’t a national group that is garnering support and mobilizing people. It’s wrong. It’s wrong because we are picking sides in political disputes and the federal government should stay out of those disputes.


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