Remove ‘black stains’ from your washing machine seal for 42p

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How to clean a washing machine effortlessly

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In order for households to get the most out of their laundry, they first need to ensure their washing machine is as clean as possible. One area of the washing machine that needs particular attention is the seal. This area of the appliance traps in moisture, becoming the perfect place for mould and mildew to grow and thrive. To clean them, fans of Mrs Hinch have shared a cheap household item most will already own that will come in handy to remove stains and odours.

Taking to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook, Becci Frampton wrote: “Hi, first time posting hoping someone can help, I was given a washing machine and very grateful for it. There is bad mould/black stains on the rubber seal by the door.

“What can I use to get rid of it please? Anyone actually tried anything that’s worked? Thank you for any help.”

Along with the post, Becci shared a picture of the current state of her washing machine seal which was engulfed by brown and black spots.

A suggestion that kept creeping up on the comments was to soak some kitchen roll in bleach and leave it to sit around the rubber.

Mandy Carlson said: “Looks like the rubber is stained. You can use bleach on kitchen towel and leave on for 30 minutes.

“Then rub off with a damp cloth and run the washer on a hot cycle.”

Mary Bell had the same idea, as she said: “Pack rubber with folded sheets of kitchen roll and soak with bleach leave overnight, then remove and put on an empty wash.”

Chantel Clark commented: “Any cheap bleach. I did mine the other day. Added plenty to the seal and left it an hour then cleaned off with a cloth. Worked a treat.”

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Lisa Driscoll suggested: “Kitchen roll soaked in bleach and stick on all where mould is and leave overnight.

“Take all paper out, wipe out and run empty on hottest wash you have. The black stains will be gone.

“Wipe rubber seal out every time you wash, leave open and the mould won’t come back.

“Also clean soap drawer out and where the drawer goes in once a month at least.”

Jenny Webb said: “Neat bleach. Leave on for a while, then wash off. Carrie Rapson added: “Roll up white kitchen paper, line the mouldy bit and soak in bleach. Leave 24 hours. It works.”

Coming back to the post after successfully cleaning her washing machine rubber seal, Becci said: “Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have managed to get it off and now it looks all sparkly and clean.

“I soaked kitchen roll with bleach and put it on the affected area and left overnight. 

“Took it out and put on a hot wash with a drop of bleach. Mould all gone.”

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Most households will have a bottle of bleach in their cleaning cupboards, but for those who don’t, they can buy a bottle of it from their local supermarket for less than £1.

Bleach retails for 42p at Asda, for 50p at Tesco and at Sainsbury’s for 70p.

Cleaning experts at Cleanipedia also recommend using bleach to clean areas of mould in their washing machine – including the rubber seal.

They suggest using a “bleach solution” (3.5L water and 1/2 cup bleach) to wipe the inside of the door and any areas that show signs of dirt and mould.

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