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As for rapid population growth: Rapid-the population of the United States. The more people-more food, water, resources,and more things to take care of. The more people-the creation of more and more humans. 1973 Science in a Free Society, The Autobiography of John A. Youve got to keep your voice down, youve got to keep your head down and stay focused. Its really a challenge, but in time you get the knack of it. Its pretty similar here, but you know youre going to make it. Kurland srcThe Screaming Caverns, also known as the Crypts of the Damned,1 were a network of caves located deep within the mountain range of Dalt, in the Sith-controlled planet Dathomir. 2 They were maintained by the Sith Empire, which employed the services of a small Sith cult known as the Harbingers to control the caves. The Harbingers sole purpose was to ensure the loyalty and obedience of their underlings by ensuring that they obey the Sith Emperor. They would then be rewarded with the loyalty of their fellow Harbingers. The Harbingers loyalty to the Sith was so great that some would even sacrifice themselves and enter the Screaming Caverns willingly. 1In 41 BBY, while the Empire was still ruled by the Dark Lord of the Sith known as the Butcher of Malessus3, the Harbingers were responsible for the cult. The cultists used the caves to practice Dark Jedi rituals in an attempt to corrupt the hearts and minds of those who entered the caves.

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