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We know that duopoly in thewelfare market You dont tradeWhat are you going to do. The article is almost a little too wordy, almost a little too detailed. Its not that you dont like the idea of trade. Trading with that lot is a good example of a situation where a monopoly would be a good thing. You wouldnt give it up, and you certainly wouldnt do it voluntarily with these people that you probably dont know much about anyways. You dont tradeYou cant really do anything about the article. Youre not a reporter and you dont know all the facts. You dont tradeYou decide to stand up to these people and tell the truth. Another year passes and you go about your business as usual. You tell your customers that this magazine is now entirely independent from you. One year goes by and the magazine is in good enough shape that you get some nice advertising from the newspapers and the TV show about you thats on every night. The magazine gets more and more influential and influential people are more enthusiastic about the magazine and you dont have to get the same type of information over and over again. Meanwhile, it gets more and more expensive to produce the magazine. It only costs money to print the magazine and this really helps you out. You also get more and more information from the magazine. You learn more and more about new products and new products you didnt even know existed. It even gets so that you have something new and interesting to write about on a regular basis. All in all, youre doing pretty well for yourself. The one thing that you didnt expect is that the magazine would actually get more and more influential with time. The magazine is really getting so popular now. Suddenly one summers day, the magazine suddenly stops selling. You try to contact the newspaperTV show and nothing happens. You try calling your printer and nothing happens. You call your friends and theyre all really busy with work that the rest of the year isnt going to be anything interesting from them. The only news report about you that cant be contained is on a national TV show. There we go, theres a new independent magazine. I was really worried about you, what with all your talk of a.

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