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T answer the question why some citizens are more tolerant than others. Ve been trying to keep a low profile ever since that incident. Your parents would probably be very unhappy if they knew you were even considering leaving Teckleville. Re probably even more unhappy about your latest actions. Ve been spending all your free time with the other half of the Zalan Empire. Your last day at school was the day you decided to leave. Re too shy to ever get a girlfriend. T imagine living your life in Teckleville anymore. You quickly pack up your things and pack one last thing up into your pack bag, which is your journal. You walk down the road a bit wondering what your life will be like now. T remember the last time you were here before. Suddenly you hear a noise nearby and a bunch of people run towards you. No, these are people from the government who have come out to take care of the situation, since the Zalan military has been overrun by undead creatures.

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