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There are 234year periods in a quarter moon period. Re in the water you feel very dry and hot. T feel anything at all, except the wind blowing against your face. Eventually the wave subsides and you begin to float on air. T feel any more cold than if you were still on land. Re still not quite feeling good. Ll be up before the sun rises, you see a bright light in the distance; a light like that of the sun. T look back, because if you saw something like that again, you certainly would not be coming back here. The light starts to fade a little more as you drift further and further away from land. You start to float more and more with the waves. S just a dim glow above you. You continue to swim until you find a quiet place that you can sleep. Somewhere just off the coast of North Carolina, there once was a lighthouse that pointed out to the sea as far as you could see. It was called the Nantucket Light, and it was supposed to be the last lighthouse in all of North America. The Nantucket Light was actually not the last lighthouse, because there were five on the island of Nantucket. However, the Nantucket Light was definitely the most advanced of all of the five. It had no running water, no electricity, no wireless, no.

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