Reduce your energy bill by £300 by switching off ‘worst offenders’

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Studies show that leaving everyday appliances on standby can cost bill payers hundreds of pounds annually. Natalia Lachim from Discount Code claimed leaving an appliance plugged in and turned on will drain electricity even if you are not using it.

She said: “This is because electricity will be allowed to run through, thereby increasing your energy use and, sadly, your energy bills.”

According to Natalia, the following items are “the worst offenders” costing you the most money. When these appliances are combined, turning them off of standby can help save over £300.

1. Television 

Your TV is one of the most energy-hungry devices in the house when left on standby. If you don’t want it idling in standby mode, you will have to make the effort to get up and turn the set off at the wall. But doing so will be worth it for the money you save.

Natalie said “leaving the TV plugged in and switched on uses 1.3W” and leaving the TV on idle would cost an average of £3.87 a year.

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2. Fridge and freezer 

Clearing the fridge out is arguably one of the worst household tasks but doing so could save you money in the long-run.

Domestic fridge power consumption is typically between 100 and 250 watts so running this one appliance costs you around £297 per year but while you cannot simply turn off your fridge, there are ways to ensure it works as efficiently as possible.

The simplest way to make sure the fridge functions properly, according to Natalie, is to routinely clean both the exterior and the interior.

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She said: “As every household needs to keep their fridge/freezer on, it is hardly surprising that over 12 percent of the entire household’s energy comes from running the fridge/freezer alone.

“Dusting the exterior means the cooling system won’t get affected, whereas cleaning the interior and disposing of any out-of-date food will ensure that the fridge doesn’t need to work as hard to keep food cool or frozen.”

3. Gaming consoles

By turning off your games console you can save up to £6.57 a year on your energy bills. A gaming machine on standby uses 0.002kWh in one hour. So in a 24 hour period, it would use 0.002* 24 = 0.048 kWh. At 38 p per kWh, this is 1.8 pence a day.

Turning games consoles off of standby will stop the device from doing things like checking for updates or messages while it’s on standby.

Check your console’s instruction manual to find out how to activate this (usually by adjusting your settings).

4. Alarm clock 

Even something so little as an alarm clock connected to the mains will add a fair bit to an annual energy bill.

If the alarm clock is plugged in all the time, it can cost you around £5.96 annually.

“Although this may not seem too expensive, to make further savings, you could consider turning off your clock when not in use and simply reset the time and your alarm before going to bed.”

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