‘Reduce your bills!’ Smart meters could save households £75 on energy costs

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Rishi Sunak announces energy bill discounts of £400 for UK

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Households and energy companies are able to keep track of how much energy they are wasting by using a smart meter. Said meters measure a home’s energy use and include an in-home display which can be read easily at home. Gas and electricity companies are able to be updated concurrently as the consumer as to how much their bills have gone up by.

Experts from Boiler Central have carried out research which shows households can save money on their bills by making a few simple changes.

For example, using a smart meter will reportedly save homes an average of £75 which could come in handy as prices skyrocket.

Last week, Ofgem confirmed that the energy price cap could reach as high as £2,800 by October.

Currently, households are already experiencing a bill rise of £693 as the cost of gas and electricity continues to grow.

Myles Robinson, an expert from Boiler Central, shared how smart meters are the way forward for households looking to reduce their energy expenditure.

Mr Robinson explained: “If you want to reduce your annual energy bills, the first place to focus your attention is on your home heating.

“Start with energy efficiency – reduce your consumption of energy and change your habits with a smart meter.

“Next, consider switching to renewable energy and replacing your boiler. Appliances also consume power, but it requires much more energy to heat the entire house.

“This is why choosing an A-rated green boiler to reduce energy consumption is so important.”

Analysis from Smart Energy GB discovered that 32 percent of households with smart meters last winter shared they are using their smart meter more often to keep up-to-date with potential costs.

Victoria Bacon, the director at Smart Energy GB, added: “It is an extremely challenging time for many households at the moment and there are no quick fixes or easy answers.

“But a smart meter can be a really helpful tool for people wanting to feel a bit more in control, with more visibility on their energy use and avoiding the uncertainties of estimated bills.

“As we can see from our survey, more people are actively using their smart meter and in-home display during this difficult time and many are feeling more in control of their energy use as a result.”

She also shared guidance for families looking to save even further in the coming months in light of the likely bill hikes.

“There’s a lot of really helpful information available on how to use energy more efficiently on the Smart Energy GB website and from organisations like the Energy Saving Trust,” the expert said.

“If you are worried about paying your energy bills, help is available. A good place to start is Citizens Advice or Energy Saving Trust, who have more information on how to access support.”

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