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The following message is sent by Joy Thomas, President and CEO of the CPA Profession. The following message is sent by Joy Thomas, President and CEO of the CPA Profession. The following message is sent by Joy Thomas, PresidentThe content of this post does not represent the views of CPA Canada, CPA Canadas staff or any members of its staff. The views expressed here should not be construed as those of CPA Canada or CPAs staff in any way. Welcome to what we believe to be the first ever annual CPA Canada Survey. The purpose of this survey is to gather relevant insights into the CPA profession and Canadians that is, in an effort to better support the CPA profession worldwide. While we are still in the early stages of this survey, we have already made some preliminary findings and I am hoping that you will take the time to explore the information and be open to the possibility that others may have their own thoughts and ideas that may not yet have been reflected in the survey data. We will be posting this survey to the CPA Canada Forums to help promote the survey and our goals to the public. In addition we will also be sharing some of the findings from the survey with other CPA Canada member organisations so that we can all get to know what we may not have already known. Please note that the survey is open to all CPA Canada members and will remain open for another two weeks after which time we will close the surveys and post results. If you have any questions or if you think that you may have another insight that is not reflected within the information that has been collected this survey is not intended to be a substitute for professional education and experience. However, we do encourage you to take the time to look at the information and we hope that this effort will contribute to better understanding of the profession and better support of the CPA profession globally. It is very hard to know how large the market of the ecommerce market in India is. However it is a growing market which is growing very fast; In 2017, it is being estimated that there will be over USD 6 billion of ecommerce traffic from the country alone. We have collected some of the information below to give more insight to the ecommerce market in India and give all the information to anyone looking for more information about India ecommerce market. We have collected the information on various factors so that you can understand and understand the growth in the market of India ecommerce.

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