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Now, the Red Sox are going to be doing the same thing as the Dodgers were doing with the Giants. I mean, I know there have been conversations as recently as this week about the idea of doing something like that. Are you going to make us all participate in stealing signs. We wouldnt get anything, wed just get caught, and wed all get fired. We cant go to the fans with new plans or whatever unless youre going to tell us in advance. You might have some of us, but dont come telling us in advance that YOU want us all to be out there. Weve made an educated guess about what youre probably going to do. You do not get to determine OUR plans. Its our fucking job to know whats going to happen during the game. Your job is to run a major league team. Well, that explains why youre not getting along with your GM and fans. You fire John just for being the other guyBecause if you want to do something, its going to have to be a group effort. Maybe you do think this, but the fans are always going to be the biggest group thats going to get you in trouble. Maybe you could fire the GM and the fans would still be on your ass. No, youll have to get everyone on the same page so you dont end up looking like a bunch of idiots. So that means youre going to fire John. You have absolutely no idea whats going to happen to your team with or without him. This is going to be a gamble too because maybe youre just going to come out on top. The one thing you are certain of is youre going to have to do something. You have no idea if this is even going to be worth it, though. And after giving it some thought, you decide to follow through with your plan, even if it wont be pretty. You call John into your office. John, I want this plan to be as secret and as well thought out as possible.

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