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It-s a bitter but fertile land, wherein the poor tribesman who gave thriceYou re going, dont we. The man-s eyes widen and his face becomes white, his hands grasp his sword, he takes in a deep breath and says:I-m going, sir. The old man looks at you, he has a strange expression on his face, like he just had a dream or had something unpleasant happen to him. A wave of nausea hits you and you vomit. You collapse against a tree and collapse into a deep sleep. You know its not the time or place, but you cant help but feel that the first time you saw this man you were looking at a kindred spirit; that he might not be entirely human, that he might not be completely good. The man has a big black nose, broad chest, lean arms, and a thick, black, bushy mustache. His clothing is very dark, though you cant tell exactly what kind of clothing. All you know is that its very black and is definitely not making any attempt to blend in. You feel a rush of fear and begin to retch. As your body begins to retch, you realize how ill it is. You are dying, and this is a man that has made it known that he would like to see it happen. You say I like your styleYou like your style. There is no possible way he could be anything else. The man smiles at you and reaches into his jacket, taking out a silver ring with a large, elegant, black stone in the middle. He bends down and presses a single, pale finger against your forehead. I am a vampire, and I want to keep you, or at least your soul, to feed on. The man puts the ring on your finger, then pulls it off slowly. It gives you an incredible pain, but the pain is nothing compared to the shock of actually finding that this is a vampire. He stares at you for a moment, and then leans low.

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