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You do decide that you should make the world even more efficient. Re going to start sending letters to the people in charge to request a meeting and discuss some of your ideas. T gone anywhere near the city you were originally going to. Ll be running some sort of city-state as well. S attacked, what if you get into some sort of war with the empire after all. You know that the Empire probably has spies on the road as well, When you finally make your way to the borders of the Empire, you start doing more work. Ve set up an office in a warehouse just outside the city. Some of the Eternals that live in the city have joined you. T even want to stay and return to their home communities. Ve definitely won a few friends and gained a few enemies as far as the Empire is concerned. Ve been trying to make peace with the Empire for quite some time. Re not actually in any position to make peace. Ve probably just brought it upon them when you first moved to the area. Re the only visible target along with a great many of your former Eternals. T actually do anything except watch.

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