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RBC Royal Bank will be the bank of your choice. You wait for RBC Royal Bank to complete its fraudYou wait anxiously around a bank for around 10 minutes before you find an employee to help you and in the meantime a group of other customers wait around for an employee to help them. After a long wait you finally find an employee and ask himher a number of questions about RBC Royal Bank. The RBC Royal Bank employee tells you that they have been experiencing a lot of problems recently, it is not just them though, there is a lot of problems at the bank. They need money from all of us if they want to carry on. 8 cash back credit card which will be credited to your account and your transaction fee will be waived. However, you will have to wait about a week to get the 1. 8 credit card before you can use it. You are rather relieved to hear this and after waiting around for around 20 minutes you finally get your card and pay for your purchase. A short time goes by and you notice the RBC Royal bank employee.

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