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It s a pretty bad week for Wolverhampton Wanderers, but Wembley is a much bigger audience. The Mexicans are in the English Premiership and Wembley is a footballing event. They are in the middle of the UEFA Euro 2012 group stage games. The Wigan team that you are going to see is a group of players that dont always see themselves as good footballers, but at a game where one goal could mean certain elimination, you can see that they are going to come to play. You even see that on the day one of their players, Nezter Celik, scores the game winning goal. The next day you arrive at a small club in a nondescript building. In the locker room you see a group of players that look like they are going to be in the Premier League, but your focus isnt on who they are, its on what they are wearing. Wearing street clothes that dont exactly fit the team theme and with only a few recognizable player brand names, this team might not be the best footballers in the world, but you also cant really tell without some sort of identification. Some guy wearing a Wigan shirt walks in the door and he stops to talk to a team member. The guy asks some other guy wearing a Liverpool shirt. Im a real sport fanatic, I can sing songs about Liverpool for hours, not to mention theres a great band from Liverpool called The Beatles. Yeah, and Im going to be an England fan, but its OK, because Ive always loved Liverpool and Im lucky to have seen them win a lot, because Im a really big cricket fan. Oh, Im a huge sports fan, youd think I could play any sport. I like to play soccer, but its not even the most popular sport in our small community. You can see the other guy has a puzzled look, so you press the issue. You go over to the locker room and see that the rest of the players are wearing.

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