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Then he starts talking about your past, but not in any positive light. You were never any good at home, no matter what your mother and I told you. S never going to achieve anything of worth in your life. Re trying to do better than you are. I see you trying to get a job at the university. T want to do anything except just get by and live a sheltered existence. Ve succeeded at that in the past, but you know something has to give. Ll remain a hopeless fool and will be better off dead. You were never the brightest, far from it, but you never imagined yourself like this. Re still trying to figure that out yourself. You were probably going to get a job at the university anyway because you were always good at math. Ve got a higher chance of getting one. S up to you how you want to spend it. Your chances of getting a job at the university are still good. Re a better driver than you used to be. You can run with the damn crowd for a while and have fun like you always do, then maybe you got a shot at a job at the university when it opens up again after the holidays next year.

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