Rat outbreak! ‘Bigger’ rats head into homes and up toilet bowls – how to avoid infestation

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UK: Expert issues warning over rising number of rats in cities

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Finding rats in cities across the UK isn’t uncommon, but recent reports of a ‘plague of giant rats’ taunting home-owners in urban areas has led rodent experts to speak out on these fearless pests. Claims that rats are being spotted in broad daylight is enough to make anyone uneasy, so follow these tips to keep your property safe from an infestation of huge rodents.

Known for carrying bacteria and harbouring fleas in their short fur, rats are an unpleasant and potentially harmful pest to have in the home.

With sightings of these ‘monster’ rats in city dwellings across the country, one expert has spoken out about the changing nature of these rodent pests.

Speaking to Norwich Live, Andrew Dellbridge of Ace Pest Control revealed he has had to take on extra staff to help him cope with this sudden flurry of enormous pests.

He said: “They used to work around us but now they’re gaining access they wouldn’t have attempted before.

“They’re letting themselves into people’s houses and businesses.”

Harrowing accounts of rats sneaking into homes via the toilet have spooked homeowners into avoiding their own bathrooms.

On one job, Andrew spoke of the sheer shock of one woman who found a rat in her toilet bowl.

The woman who lived in Norwich at the time was said to have been in so much shock she could barely speak after discovering the rodent.

Andrew told Norwich Live: “She’d been using the bathroom and heard a noise.
“She looked down and it was in the toilet bowl.”

Why is it happening now?

With autumn in full swing, the colder temperatures are driving rats and other household pests like cockroaches into buildings.

The delayed growing season has kept rats active further into the season, with vegetation and crops only just beginning to dry up and die back.

This terrifying incident is happening more frequently according to the pest control expert, who said he is shocked by the increasing number of reports of these animals getting into homes through the loo.

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How to deter rats from your home

Warnings against these rats becoming “bigger and braver” since the pandemic induced lockdowns is making the problem harder to ignore.

Pest control experts are attempting to ‘wage war’ on these vermin pests, but their crafty routes are proving hard to compete with.

The best way to prevent rats from entering your home is by eliminating the key attractions from within your house.

Maintaining the exterior of your property as well as the interior will keep your home or business free from these lurking pests.

These expert approved tips are just a few of the ways to stay rodent-free:

  • Cut back vegetation which is roof-height to disrupt any routes into your home through the roof/attic
  • Keep bird feeders away from the house and clean up the area around it
  • Keep toilet lids closed to avoid a fright when using the loo
  • Flush the toilet before use
  • Check for gaps or holes in walls, windows and doors (if it fits two fingers in, a rat will be able to squeeze through)

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