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You sit there and get really fucking drunk talking and laughing about how fucked up the future is going to be. You even ask Rami what the future of the world is going to be like. He goes into a bunch of detail about how there will be constant turmoil in the world, but nothing will be able to stop it. He then mentions how he believes one day the internet will be ubiquitous and that it will be very easy for people worldwide to communicate without needing to leave the comfort of their own homes. Its at that moment you realize you dont really know what the fuck is going to happen next, and there are so many things you cant do anything about. You dont even know how you feel about this future, its not exactly like you can just go pick up the fucking phone and call your family to let them know, because its all gone. You dont know how you got here, you dont know how to get out of here, and you definitely dont know what to do about the new guy you just met. You decide that you need to get some sleep, because you got a long day ahead of you tomorrow. You go outside the front door of the house and look around. There are no cars in the drive and all of the doors are locked. You head back in and call up your brother Rami. You hang up and start banging on the door again to no avail. You go back to the living room and start rummaging through your dresser. You pull out your cell phone and call your sister Donna who lives at the other end of the street. Okay, you should at least see if you can get ahold of him on your phone. M not answering my phone right now. You head back into your room and check your phone to see if Rami is.

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