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Your heart is with the only true friend you have in this world, the universe. Love,HeronThe first thing Heron does is take his place in the shadows as if hes been there from the beginning. Hes the same person he was in the book, except now hes in the same room with you and hes speaking to you in a tone of voice thats almost condescending. Youve never met the girl at the end of this hallway, Heron says. Then you shouldnt be here, he says. You know who I am, you say, just trying to contain yourself. Its an amazing feeling and it doesnt help that your temper is already boiling over. It sounded so much like you, but Ive never met you, you say. Once again, Heron takes you by the hand on your way out of the room, though now hes guiding you in a different direction to leave the school. I just cant stand being here, you say. You havent had anyone in years to be with and yet you still have this desire to leave.

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