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You dont join inNah, youve got all the time in the world. Your father will get so mad at you for not being a team player that hell put his foot down. Besides, youre a bit of a control freak, not to mention a little masochistic, youre not about to jump on someone elses bandwagon. Youre going to go and make the most of all the time you have left. You spend a few hours playing online as per your usual, only this time you dont play for your own amusement. You play for the glory of your team, and your own sense of accomplishment. You start getting better at the game and your skill improves as well. The longer you stay the better you get; by the time you return youre doing everything right. Youre the best of the best on your team, and you get to show it off to your father who, while never changing his opinion of you, would always be proud of you. You never go back to Ragnor, because every time you get in touch with him, he seems to be more concerned about finding a real job than anything else. You feel like youve let him down, but you can accept that you are a bit of an emotional wreck right now. You make a new friend as well though. Once again, you meet someone in the game who turns out to have an interesting backstory:You must be the new kid I talked to on the phone about a week ago. Youve been online for a few hours too I see, so you must be a newbie. Ive heard a rumor that a new team in the league wants a third center, so I figure I should join up. Well, I cant really help you with that, because the guilds are all over the place, but I can say this; joining a guild such as ours can be useful because we have the best jobs in the league. If you want you can find something within our guild, but generally we have the best jobs. I have to say Im impressed by what youve managed to accomplish in such a short time. A lot of people would be done for sure, and if thats the case. Youll have to excuse me, but I have to report a possible thief. I assume you guys got a lot of money lying around right. No, we barely have any, so we dont have any money to pay police to do anything about it. Its actually much easier than I thought it would be.

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