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The old man continues to read your face intently before finally speaking. However, your offer to join my order is acceptable. Ll speak again some other time. The old man vanishes as you turn to leave and your feet carry you back to the inn. He may have the ability, but he does not have the wherewithal or desire to do so. You the Rask Civil WarHe who controls the military controls the country and that seems to be what is happening right now. The Empire may be expanding, but the rask has been getting even worse. The only people that see it as a long term threat have been the rebels. Perhaps you can speak to the rebels and see what they say. The last thing you want is to get involved in a civil war given your past experiences. Re trying to come up with other ideas, you come across a list of places to go on your tablet. T complete, so you flip back to the list of places on your tablet. Re a relatively peaceful people that have not had their culture damaged to the point of total destruction like that of most lands in the Empire. To some degree this is due to the fact that they are a long way from any sort of major sea routes or trade centers. While they may have a bit of a high culture, their way of life is not in any way similar to that of a modern civilized person. A few of them still worship old gods, but they practice a more localized version of them, more so than a lot of places. There is usually a shaman present and they still have certain ceremonies.

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