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Article about If the average cost of transporting a passenger on the train from chicago to st. louis is $75

The questions are quite lengthy and the answers are not exactly easy and straightforward. But after the questions you get the sense that the average person on the street does not have enough information about what the hell they are doing or thinking. But of course they have no idea if they are making a better decision than you are because there is no transparency about any of this. You cant afford to be ignorant any longerThere is a long line of cars waiting to get on the train, so you are going to have to act now. You are not sure why there are so many people at the entrance. But then it is a long line for the airport too. You imagine that it is probably longer than that since this is your very first train trip. You rarely see people wait in long lines at train stations. You are never stranded in time where you do not know where you are going. Your heart is beating so fast you can hardly stand it. It is so nice to be able to ride one of the last trains out of Chicago, the way you used to ride the first ones out of Springfield. Suddenly you notice that the sky is getting darker and dimmer. Your legs are in pain, and you are starting to get lightheaded. You cant be late for your meeting with Mrs. You board the trainIt is so difficult to get out of the line. What if it rips a huge hole in the middle of the line where there is no room for anyone to get off the train. There is really no time for more anxious thoughts right now. You are literally paralyzed with the fear of getting on that train that you wont be able to get off. You cant even take a slow pace when you try to board the train, if the train is delayed. You board the trainBut what if you are sitting on the wrong train. You might get to your destination and the train is running but your seat would be the wrong one and youd be stuck on the wrong train. And what if you get off on the wrong train and you cant even get to your destination. You must sit on the train you are supposed to get on. You board the trainYou are standing on the platform, but there.

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