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I would like to say my interactions with the person on the other end of the phone was the last but it wasnt. On Janu, I received a call from a person I did not recognize. I found the tone, the facial features, the voice, even the person I was speaking to very familiar. However, I realized something was slightly different about himher. I took a deep breath trying to get myself together. The person on the other end was speaking with a Canadian accent. The accent was very distinct and it was getting worse with every word. The words I expected to hear such as My name is, I live in Vancouver right now and I would like to invest in mutual funds were not coming out of hisher mouth. I knew I wasnt hearing right though, I had to do something fast. I thought I heard my name and I was speaking to Mr. The accent was beginning to get unnerving and this was getting more and more difficult to deal with. My mind was trying to make connections and making connections and I wasnt having any luck. Look, I will give you my number and you will be able to reach me. The man on the phone had a very annoying accent. No, you wont be able to reach me, you arent me, there is no connection. Even if you give me your name, I dont know you. I dont care if I cant reach you, you just change your accent and give me my investment advice againI did not understand any more.

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