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Anonymous 051315, Wed, 09:12:10 AM No. If you were actually on the inside you wouldnt have to make excuses. Shes a fucking hypocrite, she claims to be a feminist but shes against gay marriage, She probably thinks its a man hating thing she claims to hate violence but shes a violent person so no. Shes fucking pathetic, and she does have the right to her opinion, but shes not being honest. Also her boyfriend is the guy that threw the first brick at cops. Anonymous 051315, Wed, 09:13:21 AM No. 99263 99250She claimed she had a friend that said she needed to be taken to a mental institution. Not so much, but yeah I have known some women whove done that in the past. Shes just an ignorant cunt who hasnt been told the truth in a long time. I mean she has a pointShe has a point but shes lying because shes got ulterior motives and she doesnt care if its the truth or not. Shes a very dangerous girl if you get my opinion. Then why is she defending a man who has been accused of raping her. Because shes a fucking hypocritical cunt who has gotten over being raped. Back to workback to dealing with people who dont want to deal with the truth. Anonymous 051315, Wed, 09:15:03 AM No. Can someone please go hack off her social media accounts. Anonymous 051315, Wed, 09:18:16 AM No.

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