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Duplicate s has the best labor supply and is the most reliable. You decide that it isnt worth worrying about duplicates and that you just need to get past the first door. It is the sort of small room that you and your group of duplicates could take down in a few minutes. You knock on the door and you dont get an answer, so you open it up and step inside. The room looks like a workshop, but not like a typical workshop. It looks like a small laboratory, but that only because some of the glassware and other apparatus that you cant quite make out. You see a large desk like youve never seen before. It has many scientific looking instruments and papers in the top left corner of it. The other two corners are cluttered with large black and white photographs of strange equipment and machines. One of the most interesting things that you see right now is a table with a lot of large test tubes, with a glass cap on the end of each and a liquid in the next one. The tubes are the same kind that youve seen at the chemical supply shop; in addition to the obvious ones for testing things out, there are also the glass test tubes of small things like food, alcohol, medicine or even blood. Theres also a large desk with several drawers containing other curious things, and a small table where a black and white screen is hanging. You recognize some of the things on the desk, but there are things that you cant quite place in the labels that you can probably identify on a first glance. You think that this could be just another place where you could get some necessary supplies that you will need for your journey, or something more. You realize that youre having trouble focusing on the task at hand, so you call out to the next man in line and he comes in. He looks at you, the same way you look at him from the corner of his eyes as he walks out of his office. When he sees that youre not speaking to him, he turns and walks over to you, walking a bit behind you. You step back and turn to face the man.

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