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D be wise to not only play your hand nice for now, but also act in the future. Your hand is still trembling from your attempt at diplomacy, but your tongue is still as firm as ever. The only thing I can tell you, though, I really want to make you happy. M going to last long enough to see my son grow up, I do know I will be with you until either of us pass. After hugging you goodbye, she starts to leave, leaving you all alone in the corridor again. You take a deep breath and make a plan. Ll go up together and get this done. When you get to the elevator, you press the button and wait. You hear your sisters voice shout, which starts to bother you. Ve been rather distant from her lately. You enter the elevator, which is already up to the proper floor. I thought you said you were coming to the top. T want to make the ride back down. Unfortunately, nobody is in the elevator, which means nobody is going up or down. T long after you start the elevator that you hear more banging on the elevator door, which sounds like.

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