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Therefore, the executive powers of the president are often greater than those of the legislature. The first part can probably be said more or less of any government. The part that is less obvious is the following: The last few lines can be said as a positive definition of a President-like government. T a positive definition of what it means to be a politician for that matter. T even a positive definition of what it means to believe in democracy. But it most definitely is a positive definition of what it means to be an elitist. A positive definition of what it means to be an elitist is: a person with power who believes that he knows what is best for you. But I can already hear your objections. Objection 1: The term elitist is very negative. If you look at any dictionary definition you will find that it is not negative at all, it is positive. I believe that it is an insult to anyone who is not from the best of the best that they are somehow not entitled to some sort of knowledge of the world. If this is true then the term communist must be an offense since, in some way, they were all superior to you. Objection 2: No offense, but I see no need to define elitism, since I see it everywhere in the world today and it is a defining characteristic of our own society. The definition of elitism I find most offensive is that of the white middle class. The middle class is defined asa group of people in society considered to be of the best social and economic standing. Objection 3: This definition is not exactly what I mean when I think of an elitist. I find it more accurate to say that a person who lives in a mansion is doing better than a person who does not. I see the term middle class as negative and elitist. My solution would be to remove the word middle class from the dictionary. Objection 4: Since I do believe that your definition is accurate, I would like to reinterpret it as a positive definition of elitism. That is, I would like to say that you will benefit more from a President who is better informed on the issues than one who is not. This definition is not too far off my own definition.

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