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Replies the voice, while the door in front of you opens up, letting more of the night breeze in. When you step inside, you find yourself in a rather small room, illuminated by the pale moonlight streaming in. S a desk and several chairs, each topped with a book and seemingly used as shelves; it looks like someone has tried to organize things here. The United States of America by United States of America. Re not exactly sure what that means, so you just put the book down and walk over to the front desk. A rather short woman with short brown hair and a rather plain dress answers your question. Yes, I imagine you probably were wondering how you got here. Though it was destroyed by nuclear fire when the bombs dropped on Japan. S government was formed, and they designated you the 45th president of the United States. This new administration wanted to try something new, so they went through the same process as other nations before, except this time with a little more planning. They decided to detonate a small nuke in the middle of the Oregon town of Holgard. It had not yet been fully settled when they made this decision. Some of the people there had never left the town, but had no idea what was going to happen. Others were opposed to the idea of a nuclear blast for various reasons. And others were there for other reasons other than just wanting to live their normal lives. M not sure the idea was to destroy everyone here, just to prove that this place did still exist. But you said they would let you live. D have a little more information than most of the people here.

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