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You stay with your parents, and they will cover the room costsThis is a good idea. In the next few days, you will try out the new plane and see if this plane is as comfortable as they said it was. When the airplane is not in flight, and the doors to the plane closed, you have no idea what to expect. The plane is not yet equipped with the amenities you thought was in the flight deck. For a week, your parents stay at your house. One week later, your sister arrives. They will stay at your house until they graduate. The airline lets you know in a separate note that the flight on Tuesday from Chicago to Washington is delayed, and you need to buy a new ticket at the last minute. They will be staying at your house until they graduate. Its been a month since you made your grand escape. Your parents are still worried that you could be in danger, and they keep reminding you of what happened last time, but youre too tired and beat up to care. Today at school, a boy named Mike is talking with you, and he asks if you know where your brother Bobby went. Theres no need to get physical, you think. You want to lie, but you dont know if you really should. He said I could win money for tickets, or something. S eyes narrow and he seems to be sizing you up. The next time he comes home, can I play for you.

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