Premium Bonds: NS&I explains easy way you can check if you have unclaimed prize

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With two £1million jackpots and hundreds of thousands of pounds in other prizes, customers will be keen to know if they have won anything. People may also want to check if they have any previous winnings that are yet to be collected.

NS&I contacts all the winners each month, although sometimes the message may not arrive.

This can happen if a person moves and does not notify the group or if their personal details have changed.

Sometimes the letter of congratulations can also get lost in the post.

Fortunately, all unclaimed prizes are retained by the group until the winner gets in touch with them.

People can log in to see their prize history, or use the prize checker to find out if they have any prizes that are still unclaimed.

The prize checker app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

Those who have won a prize but haven’t received it can call NS&I to get help claiming the funds.

Savers need to register for the online and phone service to do this.

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Once a person is registered, they can request that any future prizes are paid straight into their bank account.

Customers can also write to the provider to secure an unclaimed prize.

The letter should include their Premium Bonds holder’s number, current name and any previous names and current address.

Details should also be provided of any previous addresses where bonds may have been registered.

The letter should also include the individual’s signature.

Letters should be sent to: NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB.

Prizes will then be sent to the person’s home address in the form of a warrant.

Unclaimed prizes cannot be sent directly to a person’s bank account.

People whose details have changed since they won the prize should include their previous and current details in the letter.

Savers can also download the winning bond numbers for the past six months.

Each year, NS&I puts together a list of the bond numbers of all unclaimed prizes, dating back to June 1957.

A prize that has been uncashed for 18 months is classed as unclaimed.

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