Premium Bonds: April millionaires bought Bonds in 2006 – how to check if you’ve won prize

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Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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Premium Bonds results for April were released yesterday, with the prize checker updated this morning. It is good news for those who have held their Bonds for years, as they do not have to lose hope about winning the jackpot.

Both millionaires in the April 2022 draw first purchased their Bonds over 15 years ago, back in 2006.

The first millionaire, from Hereford and Worcester, purchased their winning Bond back in October 2006, with a value of £5,000.

The lucky number was 117XT770430, and the person had a total holding of £50,000.

The second lucky millionaire had the winning number 112WT615892 and purchased it in July 2006.

Their winning Bond was worth £2,000 with a total holding of £49,995.

Other top prize winners have also held their Bonds for numerous years, with five out of the six winners of £100,000 having bought their Bonds at least eight years ago.

For one winner of £25,000, it only took a £100 bond to unlock thousands of pounds, which was first purchased all the way back in August 1998.

The latest announcement is likely to provide hope to those who have held their Bonds for a long time without a substantial win – or any win at all. 

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Man, 77, furious at his state pension being frozen for 12 years [VIDEO] previously spoke to Agent Million, the anonymous person who tells lucky Britons about their jackpot win.

The Agent peeled back the curtain to provide more details about old Bonds, and said: “The only rule you have to bear in mind when it comes to Bonds is that they have to be eligible to participate in the prize draw.

“Each individual number is entered into the draw and has an equal chance to win.

“Older Bonds can still win, which is the important thing to stress.

“We don’t programme any numbers into ERNIE, and ERNIE just merely generates numbers, that is what he is designed to do.

“He isn’t looking from a list, or anything like that, it is just automatically generated.

“There is an equal chance for older Bonds to win, just as much as there is for newer ones.

“But the only thing I will say, is that obviously we at NS&I have been going since  1956 – a lot of those original Bonds will have been repaid.

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“And some of the original owners of those Bonds will have sadly passed away during this time. So, those Bonds are repaid and never reissued to anyone else again.

“The number of older Bonds in existence is definitely getting smaller over time, and as people are buying new ones.”

Britons can check whether they have won this month using the NS&I Premium Bonds prize checker.

This can be done through the online tool, via the NS&I app, or by asking an Amazon Alexa.

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