Predestination, in theology, is the doctrine that all events have been willed …

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You say It means we are destined to have more children and a prosperous world for future generations to live onYou speak the truth. You see that there are future generations to be happy and you can see it will be good for your descendants, not just in this world, but for all the rest of time. It means fate has chosen every one of you to be happy and so you can do whatever you want. You think about your children and their future. Will you be too busy with your own plans even though you know it will be beneficial for your family. As you watch the fireworks go up in the sky and think about how you can make that happen, you think about your own children. If you are destined to have children again, you will have to keep them safe. You will have to leave the safety of the city, even for a moment, so that they will not have to deal with the dangers that you have had to deal with. Your children will not be able to live forever and they will have to pass on this world. You cant do itYou cant do it. You cant risk your future children, who will live on this world. This world will end and will have to end soon and the world will have to be wiped out before it does. And so you look outside the window of your room, at the night sky, where the stars dance and it is time to go home. You turn to your bed and lay down, the only bed you have. And when you have to return to your city for that brief period, you will see what fate has in store for you. You say I am sorryYou cant do it. You wake upYou awake to the sounds of the party, it has been a long night. You get up and quickly run through the hallways for the guards who will not be coming down for a couple of hours. When you reach the top floor of the palace and see it filled with people, you see that the guards were right in that you will have to wait. Then an idea strikes you; you dont care what they are.

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